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In 2003 GMMC Korea was established as headquarter. The same year the offices in Europe and Mexico were opened and started to manage the distribution network and open new markets.

The following year GMMC Russia and GMMC China were opened in order to reach a better market penetration and properly handle paperwork related to registration and import/export.

At the beginning GMMC was focusing on developing new markets for manufacturers willing to extend their reach to other areas of the globe.

In 2007, thanks to the expertise accumulated by its partners, GMMC developed a lancing device, Lanzo, which soon becomes the number one lancing device sold in South Korea. The nice design and high quality standards of the product attracted several well-known international companies, thus allowing GMMC to enter new markets with its own product.

In 2008 Lanzo was launched into the US market and received a very good market feedback.

In 2009 Lanzo is selected as Good Design Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in South Korea. The same year the production capacity for the lancing device is increased to 360k/month. GMMC starts developing the Lanzo safety lancets and the second factory for lancets is opened.

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Room No. 1112, Ace TOwer 9th Bldg., 354-30 Kasan-Dong, Kumchon-ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2104-0470, Fax: +82-2-2104-0472