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Global Medical Market Corporation (GMMC), with regional offices in Korea, China, Russia, Spain, Mexico, is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of lancing products for capillary blood testing, such as lancing devices, general lancets and safety lancets.

GMMC also assists companies in navigating regulatory roadblocks, penetrating new markets, setting up operations, and managing an effective distributor network for medical products, medical devices, biotech products, and health consumer products.

GMMC works with strategic local partners, each of whom has been carefully selected for their expertise and capability to successfully assist medical manufactures in getting their products locally registered with the appropriate authoritative body, as well as in the management of the marketing and distribution. By having local offices in each strategic region, GMMC is in close touch with the market thus being able to provide the appropriate assistance to the clients.

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Room No. 1112, Ace TOwer 9th Bldg., 354-30 Kasan-Dong, Kumchon-ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2104-0470, Fax: +82-2-2104-0472